Nichirei Foods’ Acerola Business

Here, we introduce Nichirei Foods’ pioneering R&D, production, and sale of acerola products.

Establishment and History

Establishment and History

The history of business in Japan that involves acerola is closely intertwined with that of Nichirei Foods.
Here, we introduce the establishment and history of our acerola business.

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Strengths of Nichirei Foods’ Acerola Products

Strengths of Nichirei Foods’
Acerola Products

As a pioneer in the field of acerola-related business in Japan, we use distinctive methods both to manage acerola cultivation and for related R&D. In this way we are able to ensure that our products are safe and of the highest quality.

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Sustainability and Contributing to Society

Sustainability and Contributing to Society

As a company that delivers to consumers the natural benefits of acerola, we are contributing to the sustainability of societies, both by taking into account environmental issues and by supporting manufacturers.

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Commercial Products

Here, you can find information about our product lineup, including product specs and special product features.

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