Acerola is a superfood with a high vitamin C content.
Here we explain additional functional benefits and sources of appeal associated with acerola.

A superfood high in antioxidants

One of the advantages of acerola is its high level of antioxidants. These are important for maintaining beauty and health by limiting the levels of reactive oxygen, which causes cell aging, disease, wrinkles, spots, and other indications of skin aging.
While many fruits have antioxidant properties, acerola stands out as a superfood with an abundance of antioxidants.

Absorption of Oxygen Radicals* (fruit juice)
Absorption of Oxygen Radicals* (fruit juice)

* ORAC is a value that indicates a substance’s capacity to absorb reactive oxygen. In the United States, the index is used to measure antioxidant power based on numerical analyses.

Acerola grows in the tropics and contain high levels of vitamin C, polyphenols, and other antioxidants that protect the fruit from a harsh environment that exposes it to high temperatures and intense UV rays.
The secret behind the antioxidant properties of acerola lies in the high amount of vitamin C (34 times higher than that of lemons) and polyphenols (as much as in grapes and blueberries) that it contains.

Vitamin C in 100g of Fruit(mg)
Polyphenol Content per 100g of Fruit(mg)

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The appeal of acerola as a superfood

Here we introduce acerola, which has caught the attention of the Japan Superfoods Association.
Now you, too, will understand the allure of acerola.

High rates of internal vitamin C absorption

Research conducted by Nichirei Foods reveals that the natural vitamin C in acerola is absorbed by the body’s cells in greater quantities than is synthetic vitamin C.
Cell absorption of vitamin C requires the generation of vitamin C transporters, which act as gateways to facilitate this absorption (figure 1).
Acerola juice has been found to generate more of these transporters than synthetic vitamin C (figure 2), and this superior capacity for vitamin C generation is due to the polyphenols in acerola. Further, research has revealed that cells absorb vitamin C from acerola more quickly than they do synthetic vitamin C. They take in the same quantity of natural vitamin C in one hour as it takes them to absorb synthetic vitamin C for two hours (figure 3).

Figure 1: Vitamin C Acerola Linked to Vitamin C Transporters
When Adding Synthetic Vitamin C (conceptual diagram)
When Adding Acerola juice (conceptual diagram)
Figure 2: Vitamin C Transporter Expression
Figure 2: Vitamin C Transporter Expression
Figure 3: Vitamin C Absorption in Laboratory
Figure 3: Vitamin C Absorption in Laboratory

Skin-beautifying effects

Facilitates collagen production.

Collagen helps human skin retain its firmness and elasticity. In-vivo production of collagen cannot occur without vitamin C.
An experiment using cells, conducted by Nichirei Foods, confirmed that vitamin C contained in acerola powder generated excellent collagen production effects, resulting in 27% more collagen production than does synthetic vitamin C.

Collagen Production

Acerola-based Drinks Result in Better Skin1

One of its trials involved a survey, by Nichirei Foods, of subjects whose consumption of acerola-based drinks was ongoing. Their skin condition was assessed according to the visual analog scale (VAS).2
Twelve days after the start of the trial, the subjects reported a greater general improvement in the overall condition of their skin than did subjects who had consumed vitamin C drinks or placebos. In particular, the former group noted a much greater improvement in the skin’s softness and luster.
The subjects who consumed vitamin C drinks noticed no significant improvements in the condition of their skin, which suggests that ingredients in the acerola-based drinks interact with, and enhance the effects of, the vitamin C.

Acerola-based Drinks Result in Better Skin1
Notes 1. According to a survey of subjects who participated in a trial conducted by Nichirei Foods2. A questionnaire in which respondents specify their level of agreement with a statement by indicating a position along a continuous line between two end-points.

Anticipated future effects

Acerola Linked to Beauty; Innovation Sought

Improvement in intestinal environment

Improvement in intestinal environment

Research has shown that combining powdered acerola and acerola fruit juice with microorganisms from the human intestinal tract increases the amount of lactobacillus bifidus and other substances that are good for the body, such as acetic acid and butyric acid.

Suppresses blood pressure increases*

Suppresses blood pressure increases*

The polyphenols in acerola have been shown to moderate the absorption of sugar. Research is being conducted into the possibility that they may also help prevent the rise of blood-sugar levels.

Suppression of cerebral hypofunction

Suppression of cerebral hypofunction

Research is being conducted into the possibility that polyphenols found in acerola picked at an early stage of growth may reduce oxidative DNA damage, which is thought to accelerate aging and the deterioration of learning and memory functions.

* According to research using laboratory mice.


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