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Acerola is naturally rich in vitamin C and high in antioxidants.
In addition to its conventional use as an edible fruit, acerola is used in clean-label products.

Benefits of acerola

Vitamin C Levels

Acerola cherries are naturally rich in vitamin C, but natural ingredients are inherently difficult to regulate, and not all materials containing acerola cherries have standard vitamin C levels.
That said, Nichirei Foods’ own research has been able to quantify the average amount of vitamin C in acerola. As a result, nutrition labels on products containing Nichirei’s acerola-based ingredients can accurately indicate the vitamin C content.

Meticulous Management for Safe Products

All the acerola used in Nichirei’s ingredients has been grown by contracted farmers. Nichirei staff regularly visit the farmers to provide guidance and support, and they—not the farmers—make decisions regarding the use of pesticides.
In addition, the Company has set up a system that enables us to trace back the fruit we receive to the farmers who grew it. This ensures that we can deliver safe products to our customers.

Water and Fat Solubility

Thanks to their water and fat solubility, the antioxidant properties of acerola-based ingredients can be used in both water-based products (such as fruit juice) and meat-based products with a high fat content.

graph Antioxidant Effects of Water-based Products
Antioxidant Effects of Water-based ProductsA standard water-based evaluation of the antioxidant effects of Nichirei Acerola Powder V30 revealed antioxidant effects stronger than those stemming from vitamin C content alone.
graph Antioxidant Power of Oil-based Products
Antioxidant Power of Oil-based ProductsA standard water-based evaluation of Nichirei Acerola Powder V30 indicated that its antioxidant effects are as strong as those of coenzyme Q10

It can be used in clean-label products

Global Demand for Clean-label Products

The preference for clean-label food has spread globally, due to the growing awareness of food safety. Consumers are increasingly demanding that labels clearly and simply indicate product ingredients.

Antioxidants and Acerola-based Ingredients

Since acerola is rich in vitamin C associated with strong antioxidant effects, acerola-based ingredients are potential alternatives to the antioxidants used in food additives.
As food product labels clearly indicate when acerola-based ingredients—rather than antioxidant additives—are used, consumers feel secure in the knowledge that a natural product has been used.

graph Reduced Browning of Apple Juice
Reduced Browning of Apple JuiceAdding acerola to fresh apple juice reduces browning in the latter.
graph Helps Preserve Aroma of Citrus Juice
Helps Preserve Aroma of Citrus JuiceAcerola-based ingredients can significantly inhibit the development of unpleasant-smelling off-flavors in the fragrant materials contained in citrus food products.

Use of Acerola-based Ingredients

To extend shelf-life,
prevent bacteria
growth in:

To extend shelf-life, prevent bacteria growth in

For Coloring:

For Coloring

As an improving
agent in:

As an improving agent in

To prevent browning of:

To prevent browning of

To preserve the color of:

To preserve the color of

It is rich in vitamin C

The Popular Superfood Acerola

Acerola is a highly nutritious superfood.
In a survey* of 400 men and women aged 20 through 59, acerola was the second-best recognized superfood after chia seeds (figure 1).
Further, in a survey regarding the intake of vitamin C by means of acerola consumption, more than half the respondents indicated that this was their intent (figure 2).
This shows that people, regardless of age, broadly support and approve the use of acerola-based ingredients.

graph Superfood Recognition
Figure 1: Superfood Recognition
graph Willingness to Consume Vitamin C through Acerola-Based Ingredients
Figure 2: Willingness to Consume Vitamin C through Acerola-Based Ingredients

Products that, in addition to being delicious, contain value-adding vitamin C

Despite changing food trends, superfoods and other highly nutritious foods are attracting attention, and are expected to do so increasingly in the future.
Included among the superfoods is acerola, rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that the beauty- and health-conscious have valued for a long time.
In a survey* of 400 men and women aged 20 through 59, vitamin C received a great deal of attention, ranking top in the category of “ingredients and nutrients that are appealing when used in food products” (figure 3).Vitamin C levels in Nichirei’s acerola-based ingredients are quantified and regulated, allowing their vitamin content to be indicated by phrases such as, “one cup contains a day’s worth of vitamin C.” More than merely being delicious, acerola-containing products provide consumers with added value.

graph Ingredients and Nutrients with Appeal When Used in Food
Figure 3: Ingredients and Nutrients with Appeal When Used in Food* A consumer questionnaire-based study concerning acerola conducted by Nichirei Foods Inc. in December 2020.
Nichirei’s Acerola Drink is
marketed as a Food with Nutrient Function Claims(FNFC),
because it contains a full day’s worth
of vitamin C.

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