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History as the Processed Food Division of Nichirei Corporation

1942 Teikoku Marine Products Control Company is established.
1945 The company name is changed to Nippon Reizo Inc.; it is relaunched as a private company.
1951 Launches food production business.
Commences production of frozen tangerines and strawberries.
1952 Starts sale of frozen prepared foods.
1964 Provides food for the Olympic Village at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
1970 Has its own cafeteria at the 1970 Osaka World Expo.
1979 Establishes a cargo pickup and sales subsidiary for agricultural, marine, and livestock products in the United States.
1985 Company name changed to Nichirei.
Present company logo adopted.
1988 Launches acerola drink.
1989 Launches sale of foods approved by the then-Ministry of Health and Welfare (present Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) for diabetics.
1997 Establishes the Nichirei Group Technology Development Center (in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture).
2001 Launches Honkaku-Itame Cha-Han (frozen fried rice) for household use.
2005 Nichirei’s Processed Food Division spun off as Nichirei Foods Inc. when parent company transitions to a holding company structure.